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Well ...see this pic....
just to inform this picture is taken a few years ago
back at that time I've just finish my SPM
(some kind of education certificate for Malaysia students)
so you know what basically happen when you have so much time and nothing to do plus
my family is poor and my parents are old, i have to take responsibility to find some financial support, so basically I'm gone working just to help us to find money to continue living.
At that time, i was very happy cause I'm about to experience how was working feels like but unfortunately I found out that not everyone love to work and not every person in this world thinks that getting a job and working hard is one of the best thing happen in our life. When looking back at this picture i remembered some crucial memories and some new things about life. Well lets start the story for now. This pic was snap after 6 a.m in front of my house while i was waiting for my brother to send me to the office since i don't have any license at that time (luckily until today i still don't have any license ...huh..) and you know what happen next when my brother come to fetch me up. Going on to my story , i was working as a clerk in on of the banks in Malaysia, Bank Pembangunan , and about working in the bank, it doesnt mean that i need to count money ,checking accounts etc. but we are working according to our department so to anyone who thinks working in a bank is all about money, well you better think again cause sometime you working skill might be useful to them as there are so many department like HR ,TRAINING and others.

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