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New Project for CODE GEASS

yes finally
i can't wait for it to come
my fellow viewers
1 0f my favorite anime is in the town again
after so long of silence
its coming back to the screen

p/s-this report is from 1 of the webs i use to surf so just read it out loud hehe....

Bandai have announced a continuation of their popular Code Geass anime, due for release in 2010.
The formal announcement of the new project will not come as much of a surprise to Geass fans, as a continuation was hinted at in 2008.
However, just what form this “new birth” will take is a mystery for now – there is no actual confirmation it will even be an anime at all, though it would be surprising were it not.

1 comment:

EkaWeird said...

love tis anime tooo.....

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