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Sometime of my life

tah... sbb aku x tau nk wat aper... aku pon balik la ke mood wat lagu...
tp biase nyer klau aku wat lagu nie.... time2 aku down atau tibe2 otak aku nk menyanyi
dah2 ... aku smbung wat lagu baru..... tajuk ....

sometime of my life

sometime when i open my eyes
i see my life is full of lies
i've be wanted to have a good life
so everyday i would survive
but the path i choose is not so good
i think i'm no different than just a fool
keep looking for a long last dream
cause been alone is so painful to me

so i step up and give my hand
towards a someone that is my friend
to take my higher in this land of dream
but in the end the only left is me

so i say goodbye to all those lies
and say goodbye to this useless life
even my days will keep breaking apart
i will go on with this broken heart
and carry on with this only broken heart

well tu jer....sronok gak wat lagu nie..... skang tinggal nk masuk software wat lagu jer..... hehehe k k apexd moving on towards the shooting star..... next

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